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Farrimond MacManus Ltd

Irelands leading Archaeological and Geospatial Consultants.

FarrimondMacManus Ltd was founded by its two company directors Chris Farrimond and Ciara MacManus with the aim to provide a valuable and successful archaeological and geospatial consultancy service.

FarrimondMacManus Ltd are dedicated to the provision of effective archaeological solutions to the development, construction, and heritage sectors, while also aiming to provide an equally high level of geospatial solutions to all public and private sectors who require spatial data management and analysis through survey and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technologies.

With offices in both Derry and Belfast we provide full coverage for then entire of the north of Ireland. Please take some time to browse through our website outlining all of our services.

Farrimond MacManus Ltd (Belfast)
BT3 Business Centre
10 Dargan Crescent
028 9543 9190
0845 2991 011