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Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork

The Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork (CAF) was established in 2002 following a successful competitive tender to undertake the fieldwork requirements of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency: Built Heritage. While the CAF have undertaken a number of select fieldwork and post-excavation projects as a consultancy, the vast majority of its work remains that commissioned by NIEA: Built Heritage.
The primary aim of the CAF is to record the past, and its staff employ a variety of techniques to achieve this objective. Excavation, planning, site photography, topographic survey and the archiving of finds allows comprehensive DSRs (Data Structure Reports) to be compiled for each fieldwork project. It is also a key aim of the CAF that the results obtained through our fieldwork are disseminated to the public, through general-reader texts and academic publications, and by lectures to local historical groups and learned bodies.

School of Archaeology and Palaeoecology
Queen's University Belfast
028 9097 3845